Facial Services

We offer a diverse array of skincare....


A luxurious facial that brightens, exfoliates, hydrates, and nourishes the skin leaving pores minimized and glowing. Includes extractions
And a shoulder, arm, and facial massage.

A highly concentrated nourishing collagen fleece mask is applied with Vitamins C, and Green Tea targeting sun damage, stress, dark circles, lack of sleep, redness, inflammation, and environmental pollutants. Skin is brighter, and plumped.

Hale And Hush has combined sensitive skin and aging. A
Rejuvinating and gentle deep cleansing facial with
Three enzymes Papaya, Bromelain, and Pomegranite, drawing out impurities and removing dead skin cells and brightening the skin. A cooling peptide mask is applied last. Includes extractions And high frequency to help reduce active blemishes.

Specialty Treatments

Exfoliating facial for the back. Perfect for warm weather! Luxorious scrub, and mask are applied under steam, lavender and essential oils are massaged into the back.

Exfoliating facial for the back. Perfect for warm weather! Luxorious scrub, and mask are applied under steam, lavender and essential oils are massaged into the back.

Advanced Treatments

Instantly smooth’s skin while exfoliating dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, improves acne scarring, reduction of fine lines for collagen reproduction. No downtime, safe for pregnant women.
– add chemical peel $20

An alternative to microdermabrasion and favorite at Salon Beauremy. This treatment exfoliates the upper layers of the skin by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. It helps rejuvenate dull, dry, dehydrated and congested skin. Great for hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, large pores and fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to tighten the skin as well, as make the skin feel incredibly clean and soft. Your make up glides on.
-add chemical peel $20

Learn More about Micro Needling Services Available

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to peel away the top layers. The skin that grows back after a peel is smoother and younger looking. Chemical Peels treat a number of skin conditions including: Acne, Dull aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation.

 We will customize a peel for your skin type from rosacea, acne, sun damage, and anti aging. 

This Deep pore cleansing is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types especially oily and acne skin types and a blackhead eliminator. A blend of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids. Promotes a purified and clearer complexion. Includes extractions and a mask. May Add on a Chemical mild peel to this treatment for enhanced exfoliation.

Peel Packages for Best Results

One of our most popular treatments. Dr. Pugliese brings one of the most revolutionary concepts in skin care today. The Swich Dermal Rejuvenation is a unique alternative to the chemical Peel. Every four weeks your skin cells will be gently and safely revitalized for fresher, younger looking skin. Swich will help you achieve these goals for you with little or no downtime. If everything else you have tried still hasn’t made you love the skin you are in, then it’s time to try the Swich. A warm sensation may be experienced, and there should be little or no peeling. Unlike Glycolic or lactic acid that cause skin to slough, swich works by boosting the energy of the skin resulting in refreshed firmer, a plumped, and more luminous looking complexion. A cocoa enzyme and green tea mask is recommended five to ten days after swich to boost results. (includes cocoa enzyme and green tea mask and a cleanser and moisturizer for home care)

*** Recommended for every four weeks for 7-10 sessions or as recommended by your skincare professional. Not for pregnant, or nursing mothers, or anyone allergic to aspirin. Must be off retin- A or renova for a month prior and after treatment.

Suitable for most skin types, even sensitive skin. 30% and 45% lactic acid stimulates hydration in addition to gently exfoliating.

LED for Collagen and Acne | NEW

LED Light therapy is a painless relaxing skin care treatment for collagen that increases moisture, firms and tones, helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes the skin, promotes collagen, stimulates cellular activity, decreases inflamation and redness in acne and kills acne bacteria. Add on to any facial $20